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Damn Tall Buildings

Sleeping Dogs is the type of album on which you can hit the play button and go about your business with a smile.

Damn Tall Buildings

Mississippi Chris Sharp
CD Review

CD: Sleeping Dogs
Artist: Damn Tall Buildings
Artist Website:

I like new music. I like original music. Sleeping Dogs from the trio Damn Tall Buildings is new and original. I've had some albums of new, original music that were just not compatible with my ears, but Sleeping Dogs from Damn Tall Buildings is not one of those.

Damn Tall Buildings give us a fun mix of acoustic funk/jug band/old-time/Celtic flavored/laid-back music. Sleeping Dogs is the type of album on which you can hit the play button and go about your business with a smile. It does not demand attention; rather, it lightens your step, making a daily burden more bearable. It is as satisfying to my ear as must be the instant sleep of any happy dog. They say let sleeping dogs lie, but I've got Sleeping Dogs awake. I'm not complaining.

All the songs on Sleeping Dogs were written by the band. They are:

1. What A Nice Life
2. Dark Window Panes
3. Podcast
4. Cold Rain
5. Lemons
6. My Baby
7. Patio
8. Painter
9. Quietly Heartbreaking
10. Sweet Girl
11. Sleeping Dogs

My favorites are “Dark Window Panes,” “Podcast,” “Lemons,” “My Baby,” “Quietly Heartbreaking,” “Sweet Girl,” and the title cut, “Sleeping Dogs.” That's seven out of eleven, a mighty lucky ratio. The songs range from light-hearted to quietly heartbreaking, letting you experience the band's journey by taking you along. I particularly enjoyed the vocals, which have an uncomplicated, unforced vibe. The clawhammer banjo adds everywhere it is played. And, I was struck by the thump of the upright bass, always in my ear even at times when distractions had my attention elsewhere. I could not escape that bass, particularly when the bass surprisingly and purposefully thumped the backbeat in a bridge on the tune “Dark Window Panes.” Hats off to Sasha Dubyk for this fine recorded performance.

Sleeping Dogs was thoroughly enjoyable through and through, even on consecutive replays. I am looking forward to hearing more original music from Avery Ballotta, Max Capistran, Sasha Dubyk, and Damn Tall Buildings. As curmudgeonly a skinflint as I am, this is a band I'd buy a ticket to see if they were performing near me.

I can't think of a higher endorsement.

Mississippi Chris Sharp

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