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Joe Hott and The Short Mountain band

Joe is a seasoned musician who has made a name for himself in the bluegrass and traditional country music scene. With his unique blend of bluegrass, traditional country, gospel, and Appalachian Mountain music, he is a natural on and off stage promoting his band and music. In an interview, Joe shared more about his career, influences, and dreams.

He is joined in the Short Mountain Band by Aaron Holman, Nick Bryant, Lisa Horngren, and Billy Wise. Joe has released two Nashville-produced recorded albums for a label and seven previously recorded self-released albums. His last album, West Virginia Rail, was released in 2019.

Joe’s West Virginia Rail album was recorded at Sony Studios in Nashville, and the producers were Adam Engelhardt and Glen Duncan. Some musicians who contributed to the album include Cody Kilby, Ned Luberecki, Scott Vestal, Aubrey Haynie, Dennis Crouch, and Casey Campbell. The album was released on Rural Rhythm Records, showcasing Joe’s ability to blend traditional country and bluegrass music seamlessly.

Joe has eight upcoming shows and others that he is currently working on. His main goal this year is to get to some new places, broaden his reach and fan base, and meet new people. He is excited to play at new festivals this year, including the Kendallville Tri-State Bluegrass Festival, Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Festival, Grits ‘n Grass Mountain Music, and many more. Joe and his band recently remodeled a new bus and are eager to get it on the road.

Joe has had several highlights throughout his career, including signing with Rural Rhythm Records, performing on stage with Vince Gill and the Time Jumpers, and meeting Bill Anderson. Joe’s unique blend of bluegrass and traditional country music has earned him a loyal following, and he is excited to continue recording and traveling with his band of great friends.

In conclusion, Joe’s passion for bluegrass and traditional country music shines through in every note he plays. His ability to blend different genres seamlessly is a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft. Fans can expect to see more great music from Joe and his band.

“Honestly, if I can just keep recording and traveling with a great group of friends that I have, that’s all I need. We are all looking forward to playing some new festivals for us this year. We have a new bus we just finished remodeling and can’t wait to get it on the road.”

To keep up with Joe’s career and upcoming shows, contact his agent, Melanie Wilson, at Wilson Pickins Promotions.


We are all looking forward to playing some new festivals for us this year like the Kendallville Tri-State Bluegrass Festival May 25-28th, 2023.

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