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"I've always enjoyed Bluegrass Music. Now I feel it in my heart thanks to The Bluegrass Standard. I want to listen more than ever! This is a serious and fun publication about serious and fun music! Thank You!" ~ Deb Y.

"Mighty fine, nicely done. Thanks!" ~ Clarence C.

"I love it" ~ Mark W.

"THE" much needed magazine!!! Congratulations on the maiden issue of The Bluegrass Standard. Your magazine will quickly become "the" best thing offered on social media!!! Keep up the good work!! ~ John C.


"Hi! Love this new website! Great job! I'm wondering if the Events which will be posted are only for national/ international bands or will regional/state bluegrass bands be allowed as well. If so, how can I get our events added to your calendar? ​Blue Cypress Bluegrass is located on the Florida east coast. Many thanks, Pam R."

~ consider it done, Pam!


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