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The Bluegrass Standard is a free online magazine supported by advertising and donations! We have affordable rates and will work with you on all fronts of advertising whether its online, social media, or email marketing! Contact us today to promote your brand!

Online Magazine Marketing

Magazine Ads:

Live Area: To ensure that important information does not get cut off when the magazine is trimmed at the bindery, please keep a margin of ¼” from the edge of the page on all ads for text and graphics such as logos.


Bleed: Please provide a bleed of 1/8 inch outside the trim size for all ads that print to the edges of the page (such as full-page ads)


Crop marks: Please provide crop marks on the artwork


Naming convention: Please name your ad with the following convention; Advertiser_Issue_page size (for example: calton_cases_march2022_FullPage)

File Type & Resolution: Files and Photos need to be NO LESS than 300 ppi. All files types are accepted. If you are not sending a PDF please convert/rasterize fonts and linked files to vectors etc. 

Full Page: 8.5” x 11”   215mm x 280mm

Half Page: 8.5” x 5.5”  215mm x 140mm


Online Ads:

350x450 (Flyer)

728 x 90 

300 x 250

300 x 600

300 x 90

Web Marketing

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